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Winter Farm Share 2019-2020

We are busy tending to the winter garden and veggies are looking mighty good!

Eat like a farmer, all winter long! In the deep, dark winter months our family relishes  biting into a crisp spinach salad or cracking open a jar of carrot-tomato soup. We want to share that with YOU! Using our Vermont summer harvest and season extension High Tunnels we provide a copious amount of “stored farm goods”.  The Vermont tradition of storage ranges from cellaring, freezing, canning, fermenting and holding in the Hi-Tunnels. 

The Share period starts Tuesday October 1 and ends February 4. Shares are distributed every other week  for a total of 10 deliveries.  Share comes with one tasty quart of soup. The soup makes for an easy meal with a side of farm salad. We can accommodate dietary needs however, if you have severe allergies and need to opt out of the dinner, we can accommodate. 

Regular share is adequate for 2 adults with small children 

Large share is adequate for a family of 5

We have payment plans and work-trade opportunities available. And we are happy to offer the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program. More details at 

Regular Shares are priced at $600 ( $60.00 for two weeks of food) and the Large Share is priced at $850 ($85 for two weeks of more food). Beef, Lamb, Chicken and/or Pork Shares are also available for add on’s. Shares can be picked up at a Kenyon’s Hardware Store in Northfield or Roxbury every other Tuesday from 3 pm to 6 pm. 

All food items are delivered in one box. All items will be in 2 cooler bags in the box you pick up and take with you the bags and leave the box (you will need to remember to return them each share) or you can empty the bags into your own bags. To limit waste we pack salad greens in a glass container which keeps them fresh for long.  We ask for a deposit, a separate check ($40/reg share and $60/large share) that will encourage you to return the items at the end  of the share season. The deposit is returned once all boxes, bags and containers are returned.

A deposit of $200 will hold your spot and cover your first installment OR pay in full by August 1st and save $20. Remaining Payments can be made in three installments of:

$200 plus a separate $40 check payable by September 1, (Large Share add $100, plus a $60 separate check) $200 payable by December 1 (Large Share add $100) $200 payable by January 1 (Large Share add $50)

If using the above Payment Plan, ALL POST-DATED CHECKS MUST BE SENT TOGETHER, we will cash the checks on the payable date

An early Share may look like this (example only)

fresh Swiss chard, head lettuce, spinach, carrots, broccoli, onions, pie pumpkin, frozen berries, frozen basil pesto, Carrot-Ginger Soup

A mid-winter Share may look like this (example only)

Asian greens, salad mix, winter radishes, green cabbage, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, winter squash, garlic, leeks, frozen corn, pickles, Mediterranean Medley 

A late winter Share may look like this (example only)

spinach, pea shoots, red cabbage, beets, carrots, shallots, sweet potatoes, dried tomatoes, frozen broccoli, blueberry jam, African Stew

This is a great value for the money! It looks like a LOT of food and it is. BUT. We help you plan how to use it so that you systematically get through it all in two weeks without waste and it doesn’t mean huge nights in the kitchen! Fresh greens first. Save your prepared dish for a night when you really need it as it can be frozen. Work through the storage veggies as time permits as they aren’t going anywhere. You will feel good about what you are eating!

Add on share options (discounted only for CSA members)

Additional add-ons –Beef, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Maple & Honey

Beef is two packages of ground beef per share week at 1 lb per package

Pork is two packages  about 1 lb. each and they will vary each share week and will consist of ground pork, sausage, bacon, pork chops, ham steaks and more.

Chicken is from Small Step Farm in Roxbury. The chickens will range from 3.5-5 pounds (they may be more)!  You will receive a variety of sizes with lots of informative recipe ideas.  $200.  This is a great savings!  Retail price is $5.25 per pound.

Duck is from Oliver Zeichner in Northfield. The Pekin Ducks are raised organically, without antibiotics or growth hormones. They are fed a varied diet of high quality grain feed, spent brewer’s grain from Lawson’s Finest, vegetables, and whatever they can forage out on pasture, resulting in a robust flavor. Pekin Ducks are tender and milder than their wild duck, perfectly suited to a variety of tastes and styles of cuisine. Birds average 4lbs and will be included in the share every other share period for a total of 5 birds. $130.

Maple Syrup is from our friends at Buck Family Maple Farm, which is in the heart of the maple-rich forests of Washington, Vermont (though James is a Northfield resident). Owned and managed by the father-son duo of James and John Buck, they carry on the Vermont tradition and responsibility of sustainable forest management while producing high quality maple syrup every year. The maple operation is certified organic by VOFA and Bird Friendly by Audubon Vermont, which ensures that the land and all the creatures that live and use the maple forest are well cared for.

Take advantage of the convenience by combining your farm share and a regular supply of maple syrup for all your cooking and topping needs. Maple syrup is much more than a pancake topping though! Try substituting out white sugar with maple in baking recipes or sweeten bland (healthy) cereals in the morning with a touch of maple flavor for a nice treat to start the day.

Maple Farm Share add-on options:

1. 1 Pint per month ($10)

2. 1 Quart per month ($16)

3. 1 Half Gallon at beginning of Farm Share schedule, refill as needed ($28)

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions! To sign-up please fill out the form below or email or call. 

Shares are very limited and sold on a first come first serve basis so to reserve yours please send your deposit and post dated checks made out to:

Drift Farmstead PO Box 34 Roxbury, VT 05669

If you would like to pay via paypal, please contact Misse.

Sign Up HERE:


Questions please email or call 802.485.7788


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